Enterprise GIS
Enterprise GIS Research and Development Administration

For bulk storage of large geospatial datasets, archives of research project data, or datasets that need access via WebDAV, we leverage IT's scientific research data archive facility to provide a hybrid near-line low-speed high-capacity storage solution.

Getting started

In many cases, this is a service that supports other services, such as GeoBlacklight. However, for certain projects bulk geospatial data storage is a known requirement at the outset. Use our contact form to discuss your use cases for high volume storage.


Interfaces to the storage resources include NAS, NFS and WebDAV.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is near-line storage suitable for interactive GIS web applications?
    No. The storage architecture has the potential for a high request latency, since some datasets may be migrated to tape based on the storage subsystem's management algorithms. This resource is best suited to the use case of bulk data downloading for offline processing.