Enterprise GIS
Enterprise GIS Research and Development Administration

Enterprise GIS, jointly with IT Acquisitions, manages the university's ArcGIS Online organization, http://virginiatech.maps.arcgis.com. AGO is Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted in the cloud by ESRI, the company that builds the commercial GIS software stack for which we have an institutional site license. AGO is a geospatial content management system that also enables users to perform a subset of ArcGIS Desktop's cartographic and analytical functions entirely on the web without need for GIS software. It enables self-publication of web mapping applications without need for ArcGIS for Server. It is ideally suited to more lightweight use cases, such as class projects, teaching GIS concepts, and disseminating research deliverables. To learn more about the capabilities of ArcGIS Online, and decide if it is right for you, refer to the ArcGIS Online Features and Online Help.

Who can use the system?

The virginiatech.maps.arcgis.com organization is for teaching and research use only. Please refer to the Permitted Uses document from ESRI to see if your project is eligible for

For administrative use, Enterprise GIS is developing a dedicated solution, either via Portal for ArcGIS or a second ArcGIS Online organization. This website and the IT service catalog will be updated once that system is in place

Getting Started

Authentication in AGO is by VT PIDs/password with 2-factor authentication, so there is no need to create a separate account, but to use ArcGIS Online for the first time, your PID must be added to the system. Use the form at https://www.ita.vt.edu/arcgisonline to request access, and one of the admins will send you an invitation, which will appear as an email from ESRI. Once you accept you will be able to login to our organization and begin using the system immediately.

If you are a faculty member and want to use AGO for a class, you can use the contact form above to communicate that intention to us. We have the ability to pull class rosters from Banner and auto-provision all your students.

A Shared Resource

ArcGIS Online, as a cloud service, runs on infrastructure owned by ESRI. To recover the costs of hosting organization content, ESRI uses the concept of "service credits" to meter certain operations that use lots of compute resources or "premium" content owned by third parties. Virginia Tech gets a finite number of service credits, so the organization admins have come up with a system for managing our credit consumption to ensure that all users retain the ability to use the system. We start each new user off with a base quota of service credits, and if that user exceeds their quota, their ability to perform credit consuming operations will be temprarily suspended, but there will be no sitewide impact.


Frequently Asked Questions [in progress]

  1. Is my data secure in ArcGIS Online? How can I restrict access to it?
    ArcGIS Online has four sharing scopes:
    1. Data owner only
    2. Group (data owner defines subsets of PIDs with access)
    3. Organization (all logged in members of virginiatech.maps.arcgis.com)
    4. Public
  2. I ran out of service credits. What do I do now?
    Access the form https://www.ita.vt.edu/arcgisonline and select "Other", then include your request for additional credits.
  3. The class I taught using ArcGIS Online is over. What options do I have for archiving students' content?
    1. We can transfer data ownership to the instructor of the course if you want to keep content, but the student does not.
    2. If the student wants to keep the content, but you do not, we can migrate their content to an AGO account they will own outside of the VT organization.
    3. The student, as content owner, can export their own data as long as their AGO account is active.
    4. Access the form https://www.ita.vt.edu/arcgisonline and select "Other", then let us know what you'd like us to do with the class content.