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The Enterprise GIS Group was created in 2008 as a unit of "Converged Technologies for Security, Safety, and Resilience" which reports to the University CIO. ¬†Enterprise GIS facilitates access to central IT resources supporting storage and hosting of GIS data for academic and administrative uses within the university community. ¬†The group also provides training that lowers barriers to entry to the use of GIS tools, analysis processes, and other resources as the state-of-the-art in geospatial sciences continues to advance. Central support of GIS as a strategic component of the university’s technology infrastructure is intended to create efficiencies of scale and significant cost savings to university departments by leveraging the latest technologies in data hosting and storage as well as the expertise of the IT professionals in the IT organization who manage the university's computing and networking functions on a daily basis.

CTSSR and Enterprise GIS are charged with data steward and data expert* responsibilities for university geospatial data according to the Standard for Administrative Data Management and Virginia Tech Policy #7100. The Sr. Architect for Enterprise GIS is the data expert for university geospatial data that is maintained in the central database, as described below.

Enterprise GIS Subdomain
One form of data integration adds the value of location and permits evaluation of many spheres of data within the enterprise geographic information system. While data may originate from any data domain, the foundational structure of the enterprise GIS is formed from the core of physical infrastructure, and data administration begins with that oversight.

*Data Experts - Operational managers in a functional area with day-to-day responsibilities for managing business processes and establishing the business rules for the production transaction systems.

The group is comprised of the following positions:

In addition, the entire IT organization of the university serves as a resource for Enterprise GIS in providing backend services (systems administration, database management, 24/7 security, operations support and networking).

FDI Class
Enterprise GIS Software Training

Upon request, we will provide training to departments on the server-side GIS products that we manage (ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Google Maps, Google Earth Enterprise).

We are offering a number of short courses through the Virginia Tech Networked Learning Initiatives this Spring.

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